The seven necessities of Chinese life – drinking tea – the shoe features a brand-new brown-panelled upper celebrating the art and practice of tea drinking while the name “CHA” is the transliteration of TEA in Chinese (茶). Originally one of the prototype colorways for the 2006 CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death,” the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “K.O.D.” – CHA colorway is also a homage to an integral piece of CLOT history.

Inspired by the art and practice of drinking tea, the colors are an ode to the different varieties of Chinese tea. Hugely influential and often a daily practice in Chinese life, tea is considered one of the “seven necessities of Chinese life” and has helped disseminate Chinese culture to the world. Similar to CLOT’s mission to Bridge the East and the West, the “CHA” colorway is a continuation of the “K.O.D.” legacy inspired by the past and brought to the present while highlighting CLOT’s Chinese roots.

The shoe features the same updated construction as the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “K.O.D.” with a brand-new perforated toe cap. The silhouette remains the same as the original release in 2006, with a deconstructed style and mix of materials including suede, leather and ostrich. The shoe features a Rocky Tan upper mixed with Sport Red on the Swoosh, CLOT-branding on the heel and lace eyelet detailing. Medium Brown is used on the midsole and upper panels. Finishing off is the same translucent outsole, with Chinese pressure points graphics as seen on the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “K.O.D.”

Adidas Pulseboost HD

On the upper where the tongue would typically be, there is a piece of fabric sewn on. It can be used as a strap to help pull on the shoe. It comes with a QR code that you can scan and it will take you to a Spotify site with a playlist called Adidas | HI ENERGY RUN.

The bottom of the shoe feels flat

The Adidas Pulseboost HD fit well and seemed fast. The bottom, where your foot sits, is very flat. but some people feel it felt like there was no arch support. Your feet can actually slide in the shoes.

Superb breathability even on warm days

The shoe is breathable, and can probably be used for relatively hot temperatures. Also, they are thick enough to wear for colder temperatures, probably as low as in the 40’s F.

Impressive grip on road surfaces

Pulseboost HD has a good grip – extremely grips well to dry road surfaces for a good ride. However, I think will work just fine if your run goes through any off-road area. They would be great for running on the track.

History of Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger started out as Onitsuka Co. Ltd., in post-World War II Japan. Its founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, had some very unusual insights when designing his peers.

It is said that he once took an idea for the traction of the soles from the tentacles of the octopus and applied it to a basketball shoe in 1951.

The brand became known as Onitsuka Tiger in the 60s, becoming popular among athletes and solidifying itself. In the 1967 and 1972 Olympics, he built a strong image of high performance.

From 1972, with the popularization of running as a sport, after the Olympic Games, the Japanese brand launched one of the first models focused on this practice: the California.

Under the motto “healthy mind, healthy body”, the Japanese brand produces shoes for all sports and sells more than 30 million pairs a year.

Asics, which is part of Onitsuka Tiger, is a company that always brings many innovations and contributes a lot to the market when it comes to performance.