How to measure and choose a horse coat?

First, you want the horse blanket to be flawless, with no chafing, especially around the corners of the coat. The coat should cover the horse’s elbows (elbows) and knees (stifles);

Measure from the center of the horse’s chest to the tail of the horse, stopping at the desired length of the horse’s tail. This is the size you will use when buying your horse coat;
Any fur that is clipped will not grow back until spring;
If your horse coat fits well but rubs against the horse’s shoulders, try using sewn cashmere pads or baby diapers to reduce friction;
You can also spray silicone on the bottom of the horse coat to achieve the same effect;
Make sure the harness straps are not too tight, but not too loose so that the horse’s legs don’t get caught in the harness straps;
When trying out new harnesses, it’s best to take a good look at your horse first to make sure your harness straps are properly adjusted.
Find the most breathable fabric;
Dirty horse clothes are less effective at keeping out the cold. Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether the cloth of the horse clothes is easy to clean. If you must dry the coat, you may need to purchase a second spare coat;
Try to find a fabric that resists tears and stains.