Dog training collars – The role of Dog training collars

It is indeed a nerve-wracking thing for dogs to keep barking and making noise, so some businesses have found business opportunities in it, and the product of dog training collars was born from this.

The Risks of Using an Electric Shock Collar on Your Dog

Although it is claimed that this current voltage is weak, it will not really harm the dog. But this is not a good way to improve this problem. If you continue to use the electric shock collar, the dog may become anxious due to stress, which will lead to symptoms of mental instability such as licking feet and chasing the tail in circles.

When a dog is stressed, it may cause generalized or localized hair loss. Because they don’t know when they will be shocked next time, dogs will be very concerned about their every move and become extremely nervous.

For dogs that bark, finding the reason is the real solution. A dog trainer in Japan believes that finding out the reason and prescribing the right medicine is the key.

Dog barking can be roughly divided into three types: “required barking”, “warning barking” and “happy barking”. If the dog is barking because of a request, the owners should not immediately satisfy their request, but wait until the dog calms down before acting. The most common case of barking due to alertness is to hear the doorbell.

The owner can desensitize the dog to the doorbell, that is, let them get used to the doorbell, and it will naturally improve. Barking because of happiness is actually caused by insufficient exercise.

Dogs are too energetic, so they will vent their energy by barking. Owners can effectively improve the dog’s exercise by increasing the amount of exercise.

Sometimes dogs bark to attract the owner’s attention. If we get close to them at this time, the dog’s purpose will be achieved. This will make them more eager to bark to attract the attention of the owner, so the best way is to ignore it.