How to find the right jacket for your horse?

Situations that require a horse blanket
Whether in northern Canada or the mountains of New Zealand, horses’ natural fur is used to protect themselves from extreme weather. If your horse grows a full coat over the winter, it usually does not need a horse coat, and as long as the living environment meets the following conditions, there are no other special needs.
According to experts, if you’re not going to coat your horse, in addition to making sure he has his natural winter coat, you need to make sure you have these four things around your horse: Shelter, such as a wall or a Three-sided structure or windbreak with dense rows of trees; open water, readily accessible (not surrounded by frozen ground due to spills); hay or hay to help horses retain heat; no rain or sleet, as this Type weather will reduce the insulating properties of the horse’s natural fur.
The following 3 situations need to put horse clothes on the horse
1. Horses that do not have a natural winter coat need a horse coat when temperatures drop; very young and very old horses as they generally have a harder time maintaining body temperature; horses that are sick or in poor physical condition, such as weight Underweight horses need to focus their energy on maintaining basic health rather than keeping warm.
2. Horses that have recently migrated from warm to cold climates may not have adapted to the current temperature.
3. Any horse at risk of hypothermia as advised by a veterinarian.