6 Steps to Collar Training Your Dog

  1. Choose dog training collars that are wide, smooth, and easy to put on; it should not be too tight, as this can choke the dog and impede their breathing. It should not be too loose either, as the dog may be able to slip out of it. It is best to fit two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. A buckle or clasp is recommended for a secure fit.
  2. When putting a collar on a dog for the first time, select a calm and quiet environment. Place the collar onto the dog gently and quickly. Most puppies will feel discomfort when wearing a collar, so they may scratch, shake, and try to take it off. In this situation, it is best to ignore the puppy and not laugh or aggravate them, as this can encourage their behavior. With time, the pup will eventually become accustomed to wearing the collar.
  3. If a dog shows particularly strong resistance to wearing a collar, it is helpful to distract them with food or play. It is ideal to put on the collar before mealtime, or to play with toys afterwards to draw attention away from the collar around their neck.
    Gradually increase the amount of time the dog wears the collar. On the first day, put it on for five minutes at a time, repeating multiple times in an hour. On the second day, increase it to every 10 minutes, and on the third day to 20 minutes. Continue extending the duration until the dog can comfortably wear the collar all the time.
  4. Be mindful of the timing when removing the collar. Only take it off when the dog is peaceful and relaxed. Doing so when they are attempting to escape the collar will only reinforce their behavior, giving them the impression that you will help them take it off when they struggle.
  5. Timing of the reward is critical. Providing treats when first putting the collar on will help your dog associate it with something positive. Offer treats when the dog scratches or attempts to take off the collar, as this will help distract them from their behavior.

Conversely, do not offer treats when taking the collar off, as this will give your dog the impression that they are being rewarded for taking off the collar. Although it is possible to employ an aggressive approach to introducing your dog to the collar, this is not the recommended method. Instead, take your time and be patient; the results will be better in the long run.