Why do you need a cat cage at home?

A cat cage is an indispensable thing in the process of raising a cat. Do you know why? Reasonable application of cat cages in cat life, and the reasons why cat cages are necessary. Some people say that putting it in a cat cage is very cruel and deprives you of freedom. Please read on, and you will understand after reading it.
1. Physical discomfort is easy to observe
If the cat is unwell, such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. At this time, put it in the cat cage, where you can see it at a glance. I think it is more convenient to observe the symptoms. If you are not in the cat cage, you may not be able to observe its physical condition at the first time. When cats are unwell, they may lack a sense of security, increase their awareness of protection, and stay in a corner of the house and cannot come out. I think the cat cage is the best.
2. Disease treatment
This refers specifically to the treatment of cat moss. Everyone knows that cat moss needs to be exposed to the sun. But if there is no regional restriction, many cats will run away without basking in the sun. So the cage is still more important and useful. Although the movement is limited, it works.
Tips for cat moss: Putting two drops of vitamin B in the water every day is also effective for the recovery of cat moss.
3. Improve bad habits
If your cat has the habit of urinating indiscriminately, then you have to prepare a cat cage. The cat cage can prevent it from peeing everywhere at home, and it will obediently go to the toilet in the litter box in the cat cage. And in terms of improving this bad habit, a half-month cage is a good way.
4. Relieve the embarrassment of foreign guests
Some customers don’t like cat fur, and don’t like cats. At this time, a cage can play a very good role. Put the cat in the cage temporarily, the guests will not be affected, and there is no need to worry about the safety of the cat, and there will be no embarrassment because of the cat.
5. New Cat Isolation
When a new cat comes to the house, isolation is very necessary in order to prevent the spread of disease. If the home is relatively small, then you need a cat cage.
6. Female cat lactation period
Many shit scavengers will choose to let their cats give birth once. Some new cat mothers don’t like to take care of their babies and always want to go out to play, which leads to insufficient milk and stunted growth of their babies. If you prepare a cage, you can reduce the occurrence of this kind of situation. I saw that many cat mothers like to pick up their babies, and putting them in a cage can also give them a stable home.