Bird Lovers: Attract More Birds By Feeding Peanuts

Serving peanuts on your squirrel proof bird feeder will attract more birds
For bird feeders, peanuts are their exclusive secret weapon. Regular offerings of peanuts can be expensive, but they lead to a wide variety of new birds. Jays seemed to be able to sense the presence of peanuts within a 5-mile radius. You may not see them appearing in your yard for months or even years, but once you get out the shelled peanuts, they may appear within days or even hours!
It’s true that squirrels love peanuts as much as birds. There are some peanut feeders, though, that are designed to be squirrel-proof. If you don’t like squirrels or mice, find a squirrel baffle to keep these furry critters away. Another option – buy a squirrel proof bird feeder designed for squirrels (may also attract mice).
At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if there are peanuts in the shell or not – they will be eaten. But it’s also interesting to watch the birds, attracted by the large peanuts in their shells, peel or hide them.
First of all, don’t give salted peanuts to birds, and don’t give them expired peanuts. Next, if your area is wet or rainy, clean up the feed, because like other foods, peanuts can get moldy. If you know it’s going to rain, put in less peanuts and learn how to clean bird feeders.
Have you heard that nuts are a good fat? So are birds. Peanuts not only provide protein for birds, they are also a good source of unsaturated fat.
If you like to serve peanuts but find them a bit pricey, you can mix shelled peanuts with black oil sunflower seeds.