4 useful functions of the cat cage

1. It is more convenient to do hygiene

Having a cat, Bo Jing’s house is clean and tidy is the top priority, so he has to sweep and mop the floor every day. But some cats are naturally curious. When you are cleaning, they like to mess around, chase the broom, and rub on the wet floor. At this time, the cat cage will play a role. You can lock the cat up first, and then clean it with peace of mind.

2. Can isolate cats

Cats often need to be isolated. Especially when it suffers from serious diseases, in order to prevent the spread of germs, it is still necessary to let the cat recuperate in a cage. If you want to bring back new cats, the cage is also essential, because when you first come back, you need to isolate the cats and give them time to adapt, otherwise the aboriginal cats and the new cats will easily fight.

3. Convenient to dry hair

Most cats are afraid to take a bath. In addition to being afraid of touching water, another reason is that they are afraid of hair dryers. Cats want to run away when they hear the sound. But it’s different if you have a cat cage. You can put the cat in the cage first, which can quickly dry the cat’s hair and save you a lot of worry.

4. Correct bad habits of cats

Cats are naturally mischievous, so mistakes are inevitable. But every time the cat makes a mistake, I don’t want to beat it, and I don’t seem to understand it when I scold it, which often doesn’t have the effect of education. At this time, you can try to put the cat in a cage to warn it, so that it can realize that make a mistake. However, you must pay attention to the proportion, as long as you close it for a while, otherwise it will make the cat feel oppressed and affect its mental health.