Dog Water Bottle – Introducing Pet Dog Portable Drinking Bottle

Dogs need water when they are on the go, especially when they are playing outdoors during the summer. But, unfortunately, dogs aren’t able to drink water from the bottle’s mouth directly. It is certainly possible to bring a dog water bottle and a water bowl, but it can be quite cumbersome. To make things easier, there is a great piece of travel equipment – the Portable Drinking Bottle – specifically designed for dogs.

The Portable Drinking Bottle is composed of a dog water bottle and an elongated water bowl, which covers roughly half of the bottle. The water bowl is connected to the mouth of the bottle via a screw. To fill the bottle with water, unscrew the bottle cap, fill the bottle and connect the cap to the water bowl once the water has been filled.

When the dog is ready to drink, open the long bowl and squeeze the water bottle. The bottle is soft, making it easy to squeeze water out. At the front of the screw bottle mouth is a spout that dispenses the water, allowing the dog to easily lap it up. As the spout is always open, there is a cord handle at the top of the dispenser to make sure that the spout is covered while holding the bottle.

The size of this type of portable drinking water bottle is similar to that of a regular mineral water bottle, maybe a bit smaller. The backpacks we use for trips usually have a pocket for water bottles, which conveniently fits the dog’s water bottle as well.